BFP “All Aboard! Year–End Party”
We held “All Aboard! Year–End Party” last week! We would like to thank all of you who participated and who supported us this year.

It was an opportunity to tell the supporters about our activity in 2012, and to deepen the relationships between the members and the supporters. It was held in Town Design Cafe in Omotesando. We would like to thank the staffs of the cafe. 

First, we did Quiz about the BFP! Although some people joined the event of BFP for the first time, everyone considered seriously and seemed to enjoy to think the right answer.

During the chatting time, each table enjoyed introducing each other.

Then, representative of BFP, Naoko Jin reported the annual activity.

And then, report from Natsuko Yaguchi, who put a lot of effort on BFP workshops at high schools and universities. 

Miki Masuda, Manager of "interviewing Japanese soldiers" team. 

Junichi Nakamura, Manager of korea tour, which we started this year. We showed movie of "free hugs" we did during the tour.

Gift exchange!

Prof. Yoshiyuki Nagata, University of Sacred- heart, board member of BFP. He gave us a comment about the progress of BFP this year.

Prof. Satoshi Nakano, Hitotsubashi Univ, board members of BFP also gave us a comment and he gave BFP calenders to the supporters who had a big contribution this year. 

Moderator was Natsuki Hatae, and Yuki Natsui.
They did a very good job! 

Thank you for reading. All the photos were taken by Megumi Tsuda. Thank you Meg! 
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We trust in and welcome your supports for the BFP in 2012
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BFP “All Aboard! Year–End Party” by Naoko Jin
 Time really flies and it is December already.

I am sure many people were anxious and felt so insecure during the weeks and months after 3.11.  We were able to contact and confirm the safety of all BFP members, supporters and the former soldiers we interviewed immediately after the disaster.  However, the road to recovery is long and difficult.  Many people are still having hard lives as the frigid winter draws near.  I have recently delivered some aid supplies to Fukushima evacuees who stay at a former high-school building which has been turned into a shelter.  The sad expressions of the elderly evacuees keep coming back to me.

Despite the situation of our country, BFP have actively proceeded with our mission and were able to accomplish many things during 2011.  So, we held an “All Aboard! Year-End Party” on December 3 to inform and report of our activities and accomplishments during the year to our members and supporters.

It was a Party with many smiles.  I thank all the people who have attended the Party.   A detailed report will be coming from one of our young student members. 


I was happy to be able to report the changes BFP has made this year.  At the same time, I got lots of inspiration and energy to move further ahead from the attendants.

Two university students, Junichi Nakamura and Natsuki Hatae, did the MC for the Party.  The photo below shows the two at the last-minute, back-stage meeting.  They were a tremendous help during 2011.  Thank you both!

Many other people have supported and helped us in many ways.  I would like to express my deep gratitude to all of them.

There are no more BFP workshops during the year, but we are having a meeting on December 10.  Everybody is welcome, so if you are interested in what BFP is doing, please contact us.  We are also planning to have workshops at Keisen University and Gakushuin University and a visit to Waseda University.  We look forward to seeing you in one of our events.

Thank you again and Happy Holidays!

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Message by Naoko Jin, Ms, Executive Director of BFP
       Year 2010 was the tenth anniversary of my first visit to the Philippines.
Therefore, it might be appropriate to announce this year 2011 as the first steps of our new beginning.

      "I’ve never wanted to see any Japanese!”

       These words thrown to me by a Filipina victim of the Pacific War in this first visit prompted me to start an organization BFP, Bridge for Peace.

       What could I do as a Japanese?

       As I considered this question, I eventually came up with an answer, which was to deliver local Filipino people messages from Japanese veterans.

       New encounters were born through this project so that I gradually became confident of the positive energy obtained through establishing "exchanges” and “bonds"

       We continued our activities of delivering messages by film shows followed by Q&A sessions both in the Philippines and Japan during the past seven years, which expanded the circle of communication.

       2010 was the year in which our group gained the status of corporate body, giving a good opportunity to look back and reflect on ourselves.

       In addition, I was invited to present a film and to speak at an international forum in Canada, a new country for me, where I could meet with NPO members from various countries and discuss our activities with them. 

       This experience made me realize,
“Japanese people absolutely must share knowledge on Japan’s Asia Pacific War as a common factor of our education.”

       Welcoming advice and suggestions from friends, supporters and professionals, our organization has decided on our policy of developing projects, with Education and Workshop as leading concept.

       BFP in 2011 is going to construct foundation on which we will be able to
provide seminars entitled,
 “Workshops to know the Asia Pacific War and seek hints for Future Approach."
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